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California Three-Strikes Law

The California three strikes law, originally enacted in 1994, created a special rule on sentencing for repeat felony convictions. Many are aware of the law’s concept that with three strikes- you’re out, facing a 25 years to life, mandatory sentence. What many may not know is that on just your second conviction, (the second strike) your sentence for that conviction is automatically doubled.

Proposition 36 has recently amended the law to provide two primary provisions:

  1. The requirements for sentencing a defendant as a third strike offender were changed to 25 years to life by requiring the new felony to be a serious or violent felony with two or more prior strikes to qualify for the 25 year-to-life sentence as a third strike offender; and
  2. The addition of a means by which designated defendants currently serving a third strike sentence may petition the court for reduction of their term to a second strike sentence, if they would have been eligible for second strike sentencing under the new law.

Even though these new changes to the law have required that the types of felonies be more severe, it is still a serious factor in the outcome of your case.

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