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Accused of a White-Collar Crime?

Just what exactly is a White-Collar Crime?

White-collar crime is a broad term used to describe crimes committed by business and government professionals, non-violently, with the intent to obtain financial gain. A white-collar crime charge usually occurs after months, or perhaps years of investigation by law enforcement agencies. You likely have had a whole law enforcement team investigating your financial activities for a long time.

White-Collar CrimesTherefore, it goes without saying that you should hire a skilled and knowledgeable attorney that has first-had experience dealing with these types of crimes! The Law Offices of Sara D. Bratsch specializes in these particular areas of crime, including:

White-Collar Crime Carries Serious Consequences

It’s key that you find the right attorney that will mount a compelling defense when facing these types of charges. A white-collar crime conviction could have devastating consequences. Beyond the obvious difficulty in remaining employed in your chosen career, you might face substantial fines, jail time, home detention, community service, and restitution.

The Law Offices of Sara D. Bratsch will take the time to develop an effective strategy based on the charges and the weaknesses of the case against you. If you are facing these charges, please make the right choice to contact us for a free consultation, today!